Mp3 Volumer 1.3

Mp3 Volumer 1.3

Free Simple yet efficient tool to change the volume of MP3 tracks and other formats
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A simple way of boosting the volume of a large number of MP3 files, and of changing their bit rate and sampling frequency to change their audio quality or for space purposes is by using Mp3 Volumer. This free and efficient tool has been designed to perform these simple operations in just one go, regardless of the number of audio files involved. On the input side, it works seamlessly with other audio formats, too, such as WAV, MP3, AC3, Ogg, and WMA.

Lowering the bit and/or the sampling rate of a large number of audio files will certainly have an effect on the disk space of the target device. It will also have a worsening effect on the files’ audio quality, though in most cases, the difference will be negligible to most users. Raising these parameters, though, will only increase their size. The quality of a 192 Kbps MP3 file whose bit rate has been changed to 320 won’t sound better, it’ll simply grow in size, just as if you convert that same MP3 file into WAV. These are the only two formats that Mp3 Volumer supports for the output, so use them wisely, if saving disk space is what you’re after.

However, increasing the volume of your supported audio files seems to be the program’s main functionality. Regrettably, you cannot lower the volume of loud tracks, a desirable feature when dealing with the flood of new so-called “remastered” CDs, a process that merely boosts up the volume of the master tracks to make you believe that they do sound “different”. One of the main assets of using a tool like Mp3 Volumer is the possibility of increasing the volume of a large number of quieter tracks to level them with the loudest ones, in order to smooth up your listening experience. In practice, despite the program’s support for batch processing, this requires you to deal with each track’s volume individually, either by classifying them by volume level beforehand or by changing the volume of each track on a one-by-one basis. Actually, a simple audio normalization feature that you could apply to your entire audio collection would have done the trick in a more efficient and logical way.

Either way, there is no doubt that this simple and free tool can be of great help when moving your audio collection to a portable device with certain space restrictions. The possibility of lowering the bit and sampling rates of full albums and even entire collections in one single and simple operation makes this tool worth trying.

FM Senior editor
Francisco Martínez
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  • Simplicity of use
  • Supports other known audio formats besides MP3
  • Can be used as a simple audio converter


  • Lacks a normalization option

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On Windows XP, this program always froze and locked up where it wouldn't close.

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